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Antonio Grano were tasked with the demolition & build of a large new build property covering in excess of 11,000 square feet with a huge basement, 3 additional floors & a lift to service the family home from the basement to top floor.

Due to the enormity of the property, excavation and soil condition report, 162 eighteen metre pilings were required to create the basement prior to the next stage of the build.

“I have shown the stages of the ground works and build, upto the commencement of the 1st fixings to the property”

The ground works were performed by a talented team whom we would utilise for all future ground works without hesitation. Should you find you have a project of a similar nature, I look forward to hearing from you.

Creating Incredible Basements

Basements are an incredibly create way to utilise unused potential and value, quite literally from beneath your feet. #housebasements

If you have any questions or queries that you feel I may be able to help with, please contact me via the contact page or Live Chat.

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